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MRO Providers See Growth; Staffing Challenges, ARSA Survey Finds

The takeaway: MRO providers responding to the latest ARSA survey see bullish demand ahead. Their biggest challenge: staffing up to meet it. The near-term outlook for aftermarket providers is bullish, Read More

Asia-Pacific MRO Capacity (Link)

The conventional wisdom is that surging fleets to meet growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region could stress aftermarket providers, even though they are adding capacity and capabilities. But, as Aviation Read More

Delta’s Future Fleet Plans (Link)

Delta Air Lines, the industry standard-bearer at maximizing old airframes, is slowly bringing in new metal. AirInsight has an overview of what the Atlanta-based carrier has done so far, and what Read More

PMA Parts Vs. STC Parts (Link)

One of the best things that associations like ARSA, ASA, and MARPA do is explain the myriad regulations to members (and, when we’re lucky, the rest of us). Here’s ASA on the difference between parts made Read More


Oliver Wyman Projects RJ’s Decline, But Niches Remain

The takeaway: the regional jet is on the way out, but pockets of opportunity, in passenger and freighter operations, will keep a handful in service for years to come. The number Read More

The EFB-related App Explosion (Link)

With electronic flight bags pushing paper out of the cockpit and connectivity expanding, industry is looking for ways to improve operational performance by fusing the two. Avionics Magazine looks at Read More

Allegiant Airbus A320 N220NV

Allegiant: No Plans To Order More New A320s

The takeaway: Allegiant will take 12 new A320s by 2019 as part of its transition to an all-Airbus fleet, but the fast-growing carrier, which has lined up 79 A320s in Read More

Ural Airlines Ramping Up MRO Efforts (Link)

Ural Airlines is expanding its MRO capabilities. Launched in 2015, the MRO provider doubled its C-check volume to 18 C Checks last year, and accomplished its first five D Checks, Read More

Leeham News On Engine MRO (Link)

Bjorn Fehrm kicks off a series on engine MRO, discussing the basics of how narrowbody-engine shop intervals are determined (Leeham News)

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MRO Market To Grow At 3.8% Annually, Latest Oliver Wyman Figures Show

Oliver Wyman’s latest commercial airline transport fleet and MRO forecast, covering 2017-2027, is done. Big-picture figures from the forecast’s detailed summary report (.pdf) include a 3.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Read More

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