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AvWeek: MRO Market To Hit $73.4B In 2017 (Link)

Aviation Week’s latest global commercial MRO forecast sees another $10 billion in business in 2017, for a total of $73.4 billion. (Aviation Week)

AAR Miami

AAR Hopeful On Landing First Rockford Tenant Soon

In brief: AAR’s new Rockford MRO facility is still seeking a launch tenant. The facility opened in October and is handling overflow and drop-in work. AAR is confident that a deal Read More

ICAO Simplifying MRO Standards (Link)

ICAO is working on a few changes that would simplify and streamline MRO-related regulations. (Aviation Week)

737NG MRO Capacity: No Issues (Link)

Despite the 737NG’s popularity–some 6,400 delivered through November–there’s no shortage of hangar capacity for heavy checks. (MRO Management)

IndiGo A320neo

KPMG: Lease Returns, Component Support Among Near-Term Indian MRO Opportunities

In brief: India’s fleet growth is creating MRO opportunities, but hurdles have kept the industry from blossoming. At least 90% of Indian carrier MRO work is done outside of the Read More

Data-Transfer, Streamlined And Simplified (Link)

Mobile data service provider GigSky, MRO software specialist Ultramain, and quick-access recorder and communications hardware manufacturer Avionica are working together to simplify data-transfer for operators. (Runway Girl Network)  

Lufthansa A340 at gate.

Heico On 2017: Mid-Single-Digit Growth, Little Destocking Expected

In brief: Heico’s Flight Support Group posted organic growth of 4% in its fiscal 2016 Q4 and 3% for the year. The figures, being dragged down by a lagging repair Read More

ATSB Fingers Parts In 787 Incidents (Link)

Failure of transfer gearbox component, hydraulic hose identified as causes in separate Boeing 787 incidents, Australian investigators found. (Aviation Week)

Kevin Michaels On Boeing’s Services Push (Link)

Kevin Michaels, president, AeroDynamic Advisory, takes a look at the ramifications of Boeing’s plan to build a combined services segment and grow aftermarket business. Among them: “The company’s expansion will Read More

OEMs Shifting Support Offerings (Link)

As customer demands change, so must OEM aftermarket offerings. MRO Management looks at how two big players–Boeing and Rockwell Collins–are responding. (MRO Management)

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